Brown Sugar Saturday Night

Every Saturday night is Brown Sugar Saturday Night on Bounce TV! Brown Sugar Saturday Night features the best of urban cinema with a ’70s bent, including some of the most popular African American films of all time like Shaft, Superfly, Car Wash, and Cleopatra Jones.

Upcoming Airings
Saturday, January 28 | 11:00 PM - " Final Comedown, The "
When an underqualified white man is given the job that he is infinitely more qualified for, a young black man becomes involved in a violent, radical movement to rise up against the perpetrators of racism.
Saturday, February 4 | 10:30 PM - " Legend Of Black Charley, The "
Set in the pre-Civil War South, this western adventure follows three escaped Virginia slaves on their journey into the West. The already arduous journey is made worse by the dogged bounty hunter who pursues them.
Saturday, February 4 | 12:30 AM - " Jive Turkey "
The head of a lucrative numbers game is pursued by both the mob and the local police.
Saturday, February 11 | 12:00 AM - " Harder They Come, The "
A young Jamaican man has hopes for a successful Reggae career, but he quickly discovers that the music industry is rife with corruption and exploitation and that a life of crime is a much quicker way to attain wealth, fame and admiration.