Brown Sugar Saturday Night

Every Saturday night is Brown Sugar Saturday Night on Bounce TV! Brown Sugar Saturday Night features the best of urban cinema with a ’70s bent, including some of the most popular African American films of all time like Shaft, Superfly, Car Wash, and Cleopatra Jones.

Upcoming Airings
Saturday, May 6 | 11:00 PM - " Cotton Comes To Harlem "
Two plainclothesmen on the Harlem detail are assigned to investigate the goings-on of a suspicious local preacher.
Saturday, May 13 | 11:00 PM - " Hammer "
After spending his life trying to get off the streets of LA, an ex-Golden Gloves champ has finally earned his shot at boxing's big time. But the mob delivers a heavy blow when they kidnap his girlfriend and order him to throw the main event.
Sunday, May 14 | 11:00 PM - " New Jack City "
A pair of tough, streetwise cops struggle to end the reign of a merciless drug lord.