Brown Sugar Saturday Night
Every Saturday night is Brown Sugar Saturday Night on Bounce TV! Brown Sugar Saturday Night features the best of urban cinema with a ’70s bent, including some of the most popular African American films of all time like Shaft, Superfly, Car Wash, and Cleopatra Jones.
Upcoming Airings
Saturday, October 21 | 11:00 PM - " Super Fly T.N.T. "
Youngblood Priest's life has become peaceful and he is completely bored, so when a gun-running African revolutionary enters the picture, he decides to help him overthrow the tyrannical leader who runs the rebel's country.
Saturday, October 21 | 1:00 AM - " Thomasine And Bushrod "
A pair of thieves fancy themselves as Robin Hoods and the white establishment as the Sheriff of Nottingham. They steal only from Caucasian capitalists, then distribute the booty to Mexicans, Native Americans and poor whites.
Saturday, October 28 | 11:00 PM - " Blacula "
An African prince bitten by Dracula stalks the Los Angeles night in search of his lost princess.
Saturday, October 28 | 1:00 AM - " Scream, Blacula, Scream "
A vengeful Voodoo priestess brings the dreaded African vampire back to life.
Friday, November 10 | 3:30 AM - " Holy Man "
An enlightened eccentric rises to national celebrity when he's enlisted to host a TV shopping network.
Saturday, November 11 | 2:00 AM - " Dolemite "
Dolemite is sprung from prison by an understanding warden so he can find the drug-dealing, gun-smuggling crooks who framed him.
Saturday, November 11 | 4:00 AM - " Action Jackson "
A Detroit cop teams up with a beautiful singer to trap a powerful, corrupt auto tycoon who framed him for murder.