Forgive Or Forget

Forgive or Forget is all about stories of redemption, hosted by Mother Love. On this series, people find out if the person they’ve wronged will forgive them… or say “forget it!”

Upcoming Airings
Sunday, April 5 | 6:00 AM
Abused sister; Dump your jailed boyfriend; Jail-bird boyfriend
Sunday, April 12 | 6:00 AM
Absentee father; Stop sleeping around or I'm gone; Wife cheated on hubby
Sunday, April 19 | 6:00 AM
Out of control teens are asked to clean up their acts
Sunday, April 26 | 6:00 AM
Change or it's over; Fiance is a stripper; I'm dating someone you don't like
Sunday, May 3 | 6:00 AM
Slept with sister's boyfriend; Abused family ; Feuding cousins
Sunday, May 10 | 6:00 AM
Guests have come to make shocking confessions