Forgive Or Forget

Forgive or Forget is all about stories of redemption, hosted by Mother Love. On this series, people find out if the person they’ve wronged will forgive them… or say “forget it!”

Upcoming Airings
Sunday, December 28 | 6:00 AM
Sisters feud; Terrible druggie mom; Girlfriend caused engine blow up
Sunday, January 4 | 6:00 AM
Paternity test; Cheating fiance; No show at friend's wedding
Sunday, January 11 | 6:00 AM
Cousin abandoned other; Wrecked friend's car; Man missed his child's funeral
Sunday, January 18 | 6:00 AM
Fiance was in a pornographic tape; Abusive fiance; Absentee dad
Sunday, January 25 | 6:00 AM
Out of control teens are asked to clean up their acts