Forgive Or Forget

Forgive or Forget is all about stories of redemption, hosted by Mother Love. On this series, people find out if the person they’ve wronged will forgive them… or say “forget it!”

Upcoming Airings
Saturday, September 5 | 6:30 AM
Split up engagement; Practical joker; Fiance unfaithful
Sunday, September 6 | 6:00 AM
Credit card fraud; Controlling husband; Cheating fiance
Saturday, September 12 | 6:30 AM
Drug addicted mom left kids; Absent dad; Absent dad 15 yrs
Sunday, September 13 | 6:00 AM
Husband left 3 weeks after baby; Rejection from birth mom; Cousin jail
Saturday, September 19 | 6:30 AM
Stop your cheating; My friend missed my wedding; Online
Sunday, September 20 | 6:00 AM
Slept with cousin and strips; Cheated on pregnant wife, gave her STD
Saturday, September 26 | 6:30 AM
Mom, I'm gay; Man pushed onto subway tracks; Doggie birthday
Sunday, September 27 | 6:00 AM
Women beg their mates to get makeovers for the holidays