Marcus Harvey

201_Marcus_Harvey_still_275x350Representing: Atlanta, Georgia

First Joke: “My first joke was something bad.”

Comedic Start: “I was onstage at ‘Off The Chain,’ and we did this ‘go-go’ song that goes ‘Who said something about Donkey Kong’ and that’s when I said I can finally make a living off this. I can make this a career.”

Comedic Style: “I am the first suburban comedian, I was raised in the suburbs but I’m still ‘hood.’ I can do any crowd, church, school… any crowd. I can make people relate.”

The Unwritten Rules to Comedy: “Stealing jokes, a lot of people think they are hacking jokes. Comedians are smart people. We all see the same thing so its just having a different take on it. You know when somebody is stealing a joke, the set up, the same body movement. Another rule is going over your time. People budget their laughs, they have a certain amount of laughs… let somebody else get some time. Everybody ain’t Kevin Hart.”

Funnyman Rodney Perry hosts Bounce TV's original stand up comedy show Off The Chain. Featuring some of the freshest new faces of comedy as well as some familiar names from around the country. It's all about big laughs, gut-busting jokes and equal opportunity fun! Be prepared to stand up and fall out as each comic hits the stage on Off The Chain.