The environment

The Bounce “Green Team” community outreach initiative challenges and empowers our community to be aware of environmental issues and what we can do to make our communities cleaner and greener.

Bounce has teamed up with the Dream Corps organization and their Green For All initiative that works to make sure African Americans and working families have a place and a voice in the climate movement.

Find out more about this organization by visiting their website - You can help make positive change in your community and the world.

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Environmental Literature: The Bounce Green Team invites you to check out these environmental authors.

It is a great read for those engaging African American communities in gardening and other environmental issues. Focusing on our history from the rich dirt of Africa to the planting of the garden at our nation’s capital by Michelle Obama, one can find resolve and inspiration to continue the work of environmental justice and a spiritual reclaiming of our responsibility to be good stewards of the land. - Goodreads

Why are African Americans so underrepresented when it comes to interest in nature, outdoor recreation, and environmentalism? In this thought-provoking study, Carolyn Finney looks beyond the discourse of the environmental justice movement to examine how the natural environment has been understood, commodified, and represented by both white and black Americans.

Black Nature is the first anthology to focus on nature writing by African American poets. Camille T. Dungy has selected 180 poems for 93 poets that provide unique perspectives on American social and literary history to broaden our concept of nature poetry and African American poetics.


Bounce makes it easier to Think Green with these web resources.