Roots Part 6

TV-14    |     2hr 02m     |     1977
In 1824, Kizzy is now the mother of a youth who will be called Chicken George, sired by her owner. Reluctant to leave her son, Kizzy initially resists a marriage proposal from a slave named Sam, but realizes this may be her only chance of happiness. Soon, as word of spreading slave rebellions led by Nat Turner reaches the plantation, the owner's wife becomes terrified of all black people, and the slaves are guarded by the master's gun. Chicken George, now married, is sent off to England to pay his owner's debt, with the promise that he will return a free man.


Tuesday, November 19
3:00 PM

Starring: Leslie Uggams, Chuck Connors, Scatman Crothers, Sandy Duncan, George Hamilton, Richard Roundtree, Ben Vereen
Drama/ Historical/ War

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