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Are you registered to vote?  Do you know where to vote in your hometown?

Many Americans fought and sacrificed for all citizens to have the right to vote. Along with this right comes a responsibility to honor their legacy and make our voices heard.

The November 6th midterm elections are right around the corner.

Make YOUR VOICE Heard! Make YOUR VOTE Count.

Bounce is proud to share the website with you as a one stop shop for up-to-date information on voting in the upcoming November 6th election and beyond. uses technology to simplify political engagement, increase voter turnout, and strengthen the American democracy.

It takes less than 2 minutes to register.

Find out if you are registered to vote.

Can’t vote in person on Election Day?


Find out where to go on Election Day.

Never miss an election again.


“If we don’t vote, then this democracy doesn’t work.”Barack Obama
44th President of the United States
Every American citizen can vote when they turn 18.  You just have to register.  Register today.  Make your voice and your vote count.
Why do we vote in November? Because the month of November fit nicely between harvest time and the brutal winter weather.
Almost every state has a state voter registration deadline, but they are not all the same. Know your registration deadlines.
As of 2015, the Millennial generation accounts for one-third of the electorate.
As states have failed to maintain their electronic voting machines (due to budget shortfalls), It has been projected that nearly 70% of voters will cast ballots by hand on Tuesday November 6, 2018
The Voting Rights Act of 1965 states the right to vote cannot be denied on the basis of race or color.  You have the right. You have the voice. You have the vote.
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