The Man
Tuesday 9P ET
Cadillac Records
Wednesday 9P ET
Inside Man
Thursday 9P ET
Hustle & Flow
Friday 9P ET

6:30 AM - Catch 21 - "Catch 21 4083"
7:00 PM The Hughleys - "The Curse Of The Coyote Man"
7:30 PM The Hughleys - "Help A Brother Out"
8:00 PM The Bernie Mac Show - "The Other Sister"
8:30 PM The Bernie Mac Show - "Meet The Grandparents"
9:00 PM Family Time - "No Lie Zone"
9:30 PM Family Time - "Lisa's Leftovers"
10:00 PM The Man
12:00 AM Wrong Turn At Tahoe
All Times Eastern

Black History Matters
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