Malcolm X
Sunday 9PM ET
Blazing Saddles
Monday 9PM ET
I Think I Love My Wofe
Tuesday 9PM ET
The Nutty Professor
Wednesday 9PM ET
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Sunday, February 1, 2015
6:00 AM Forgive or Forget
Son destroyed dad's home; Drug abuse; Violent friends
7:00 AM Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids - "Don't Call Us"
Will the Cosby kids be able to convince their friend Red not to drop out of school to pursue her singing career?
7:30 AM Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids - "The Runner"
The Cosby kids have a hard decision to make. Should they tell their teacher about a classmate who is selling drugs at school?
8:00 AM Catch 21
Host: Alfonso Ribeiro
8:30 AM Catch 21
Host: Alfonso Ribeiro
9:00 AM American Bible Challenge
Teams: Men of Motor City (from Detroit, MI), Wagner Warriors (from the Tulsa, OK area), Hello Kidney (from Gadsden, AL). Hosted by Jeff Foxworthy and Kirk Franklin
10:00 AM E/I 13-16: Live Life and Win! - "Parkour, Feeding Families, Cimber"
A youth uses Parkour to become physically fit, a young man picks backyard fruit to feed the hungry, youngest person to climb Mt. Everest.
10:30 AM E/I 13-16: The Real Winning Edge - "The Real Winning Edge"
Coming back from fire & car wreck - Jamie Kim, Figure skater; Mercer University Law, Georgia; Dealing with learning disabilities - James Schutrop, High School Snowboarder, Minneapolis, MN; Overcoming substance abuse - Hannah and Sarah Biddle, Champion Powerlifters, Indiana.
11:00 AM 7 Seconds
When an experienced thief accidentally makes off with a Van Gogh, his partner is kidnapped by gangsters in pursuit of the painting, forcing the criminal to hatch a rescue plan.
Cast: Wesley Snipes, Tamzin Outhwaite, Deobia Oparei
TV-14 D, L, S, V
1:00 PM For Da Love Of Money
After a thief steals the cash from an armored car crash and stores it in a local man's back yard, a homeless drifter discovers it and takes off with the money. Subsequently, a check arrives for the resident, but his clueless neighbors suspect his legitimate profit is actually the stolen cash.
Cast: Pierre Edwards, Ralphie May, Reynaldo Rey, Tanya Boyd
TV-14 D, L, S
3:00 PM Down In The Delta
In a desperate attempt to change her life, a troubled single mother from a tough Chicago neighborhood is sent to spend a summer at her family's ancestral home in rural Mississippi.
Cast: Alfre Woodard, Al Freeman Jr., Esther Rolle, Mary Alice, Loretta Devine, Wesley Snipes
5:00 PM The Rich Man's Wife
A woman offhandedly remarks to a sympathetic stranger that she'd like her estranged husband killed, and when the husband winds up murdered, she becomes the primary suspect.
Cast: Halle Berry, Christopher McDonald, Peter Green, Clive Owen
TV-14 L, V
7:00 PM Phenomenon
An ordinary man sees a bright light descend from the sky, and discovers he now has super intelligence and telekinesis.
Cast: Forest Whitaker, Kyra Sedgwick, John Travolta
9:00 PM Malcolm X
The story of Malcolm X, America's fiery civil-rights leader, who went from jail to leading a revolution.
Cast: Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett, Al Freeman Jr.
TV-14 L, V
1:00 AM For Us, The Living: The Story of Medgar Evers
Medgar Evers, a successful insurance agent, moves to Mississippi to direct the regional headquarters of the NAACP. Fighting segregation and racist politics, Evers becomes a true leader of the black community. Despite death threats and physical assaults on his family, Evers vows to stay in Jackson until his mission is complete.
Cast: Rollins Howard, Irene Cara, Laurence Fishburne, Roscoe Lee Browne, Paul Winfield, Margaret Avery
3:00 AM Lilies Of The Field
An itinerant handyman in the Southwest gets a new outlook on life when he helps a group of German nuns build a chapel.
Cast: Sidney Poitier, Lilia Skala, Lisa Mann
5:00 AM Bounce Beats
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