Sunday 8PM ET
Cadillac Records
Sunday 11PM ET
Hustle and Heat
Monday 8PM ET
National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1
Tuesday 8PM ET

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Schedule for: Sunday, September 21, 2014
6:00 AM Forgive or Forget
Disrespectful son; Boyfriend slept with girl's best friend; Freeloader

7:00 AM Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids - "The Bully"
Whenever Fat Albert isn't around, Slappy bullies the rest of the gang around, but is careful to be on his best behavior whenever he does appear.

7:30 AM Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids - "Smart Kid"
Miss Bryfogel takes notice when the class brain, Thurmond, continually shows up the other kids' schoolwork. Are Fat Albert and the kids due for a hard lesson or are things not always as they seem?

8:00 AM Soul Train
Cast: The Emotions, Maze Feat. Frankie Beverly
9:00 AM American Bible Challenge
Teams: Anointed Ink (from Houston & Beaumont, TX area), Preachin' Divas (from the San Francisco Bay Area), Sisters of Mary (from Ann Arbor, MI). Hosted by Jeff Foxworthy and Kirk Franklin

10:00 AM E/I 13-16: Teen Kids News
10:30 AM E/I 13-16: Teen Kids News
11:00 AM Finding Forrester
A young black athlete with secret aspirations to make a career out of writing apprehensively befriends a seasoned and reclusive writer.

Cast: Sean Connery, Rob Brown, F. Murray Abraham, Anna Paquin, Busta Rhymes
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2:00 PM Cool Runnings
Based on the true story of four Jamaican athletes going to extremes to compete as bobsled racers at the Winter Olympics.

Cast: John Candy, Leon , Doug E. Doug, Malik Yoba, Rawle D. Lewis
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4:00 PM The Rich Man's Wife
A woman offhandedly remarks to a sympathetic stranger that she'd like her estranged husband killed, and when the husband winds up murdered, she becomes the primary suspect.

Cast: Halle Berry, Christopher McDonald, Peter Green, Clive Owen
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TV-14 L, V
6:00 PM Losing Isaiah
Two women of opposite backgrounds and lifestyles, one a black recovering crack addict, and the other a white social worker, become involved in a bitter custody battle over a young boy.

Cast: Halle Berry, Jessica Lange, Samuel L. Jackson, David Strathairn, Latanya Richardson, Cuba Gooding Jr.
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8:00 PM Ray
From his humble beginnings in the South through his meteoric rise to the top of the music charts, Ray Charles' inspirational journey is a tale of hope, redemption and the power of the human spirit.

Cast: Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington, Regina King, Clifton Powell, Aunjanue Ellis, Harry J Lennix, Terrence Howard, Larenz Tate, Richard Schiff, Sharon Warren
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TV-14 D, L
11:00 PM Cadillac Records
The compelling true-life story of the Chicago record label that helped the world discover such legendary artists as Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Little Walter, and Chuck Berry.

Cast: Adrien Brody, Jeffrey Wright, Beyoncé
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TV-14 L, S, V
1:00 AM Panther
A dramatized account of the history of The Black Panther Party for Self-Protection.

Cast: Courtney B. Vance, Marcus Chong, Bokeem Woodbine, Angela Bassett, Joe Don Baker
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TV-14 L, V
3:30 AM Paper Soldiers
A crew of thieves take an inept young upstart under their wings. Unfortunately, the crew itself isn't exactly a highly polished operation, and their capers result in comic mishaps far more often than actual thefts.

Cast: Kevin Hart, Stacey Dash, Beanie Sigel Rapaport, Jay-Z , Memphis Bleek, Damon Dash
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TV-14 D, L, V
5:30 AM Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids - "Mister Big Timer"
Thanks to his big brother, Muggles, Frainey always has lots of loot to share with the other kids. But when Fat Albert discovers the dishonorable source of Muggles' generosity, his gifts no longer sound so good.