Robin Hood Foundation

Bounce salutes community organizations, activists and everyday neighborhood heroes like Robin Hood Foundation for its efforts to alleviate problems caused by poverty in New York City

Founded in 1988 and named after the heroic outlaw from English folklore, the Robin Hood Foundation combines investment principles and philanthropy to assist programs that target poverty in New York City.

Robin Hood is a significant philanthropic force in the city. Last year, it distributed $130 million to organizations there, including charter schools, health care providers and early childhood programs. In its 29 years, it has raised $2.5 billion from individuals and other foundations, and it is a favorite charity on Wall Street and among hedge funds.

“Who we fight for stays consistent,” Robin Hood Chief Executive, Wes Moore said. “The people I fight for, and those that Robin Hood will continue to fight for, are those who have been frequently left behind. It’s the underserved, the under resourced. It’s the people we are having conversations about, and not having conversations with.”


Each year, Robin Hood helps reduce barriers to opportunities for nearly half a million New Yorkers. From Keeping more than 200,000 New Yorkers from going hungry, to helping more than 10,00 of their neighbors secure jobs to helping nearly 11,000 remain stably housed and off the streets, Robin Hood is there for their neighbors.


During this holiday season and beyond, Click Here to learn more about the Robin Hood Foundation and help those less fortunate with your donation of money, volunteerism and goodwill.

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