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7 fun pool floats that will add pizazz to your next pool party

By Brittany Anas
May 14, 2020
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Gone are the days of flimsy, monochrome pool floats. Replacing them are pool floats packed with a lot of personality that will help you lounge in the water in style.

Here are seven pool floats on Amazon, most under $35, that will make a splash and bid for some attention on your Instagram account.

1. Avocado Float

This avocado float comes with an inflatable ball that resembles a pit. Margarita not included.

Amazon, $19.99


2. Mermaid Float

Mermaid spotting! Channel your inner Ariel with this pink mermaid float, complete with a tail.

Amazon, $19.99

3. Llama Float

Pool day? Alpaca my bags and bring this colorful pool float, thank you very much.

Amazon, $16.99

4. Rose Gold With Sparkles

This rose gold pool float with flakes of gold sparkles has a celebratory feel. There are gold and silver versions, too.

Amazon, $14.99

5. Shark Attack

Cue the “Jaws” theme song, and clear the pool to have to yourself. This pool float is especially perfect for “Shark Week.”

Amazon, $39.99


6. Whoopee Cushion

Glam, it is not. But this pool float is sure to garner some laughs and is perfect for pranksters.

Amazon, $24.71

7. Golden Swan

What could be more glam than floating around on a golden swan?

Amazon, $35.99


Which pool float can you picture yourself lounging on?

Originally published on Don’t Waste Your Money.