Community | Spotlight August 2020

Association of African American Museums

Bounce is a proud sponsor of the Association of African American Museums 

In these unique times, people are looking for ways to learn more about the history of Black people in America.  Through a unique partnership,  the Association of African-American museums (AAAM) and Bounce intend to do just that through Bounce’s vast national media presence in Black neighborhoods across America.

Established as the single representative and principal voice of the African American museum movement, AAAM seeks to strengthen and advocate for the interests of institutions and individuals committed to the preservation of African-derived cultures. AAAM proudly serves over 600 members globally in the African and African American focused museum and cultural field. Read more about the organization’s mission and history.

AAAM Quick Facts:

  • AAAM is celebrating 42 years of service to African American focused museums and to the individuals who protect, preserve, and interpret African American art, history, and culture.
  • Vedet Coleman-Robinson is in first full year as ED of AAAM and she and the over 600 members are excited about our partnership.
  • Conference is virtual this year due to COVID-19 safety concerns
  • AAAM serves museums nationally as well as internationally and have presence in over 40 states.

Source: Association of African American Museums