Community | Spotlight September 2021

Hunger Action Month

Food Bank Volunteers in Los Angeles, California

During Hunger Action Month, Bounce asks that we all recognize and support food banks across America!

All September, people all over our country are taking a stand against hunger. Sharing, volunteering, pledging to advocate, fundraising, and donating are just a few ideas for taking action this month.  We ask our community to become more engaged in this important challenge.

Black households have significantly lower household incomes than white, non-Hispanic household.  Black Americans are also more than twice as likely to face hunger.  And, the increased need for food during the pandemic has only exasperated the challenge of feed people.

Here are some sobering facts:

  • Eight of the 10 counties with the highest food insecurity rates in the nation are at least 60% Black. Seven of the 10 counties are in Mississippi.
  • 9% of Black people in America live in deep poverty (less than 50% of the federal poverty threshold).

How can you help?  Visit the “Take Action” section on the Feeding America website. There you will find the many ways in which your “Time, Talent and Treasures” can support the effort food banks make to help others in need.

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