Community | Spotlight April 2022

Black Women’s Health Imperative

MAGIC!  That’s how Byllye Y. Avery described the first conference at Spelman College in 1983 in Atlanta, Ga., which birthed the National Black Women’s Health Project (BWHI). The lasting legacy of that conference and the organization that sprung from it is due to the empowerment of countless Black women.

Since inception, the organization has been at the forefront of women’s health issues, through comprehensive public education initiatives that promote overall wellness of Black women.

BWHI has formed a incredible alliances with other like minded organizations as well Their goal, to mobilize, support, and advocate for Black women and their families to drive post-pandemic solutions that contribute to healthy and resilient Black women and their communities.

Through webinars, policy recommendations and a practical guide, BWHI hopes to raise awareness around the roots of health disparities and provide access to information and resources that promote healthy behaviors and safe environments.

We will continue to work with our valued partners and stakeholders to address the most pressing health issues impacting our nation’s 22 million black women and girls. We work hard every day to ensure that Black women can breathe easier.

Bounce is proud to bring attention to this impactful community organization and invite you to find out more on their website – National Black Women’s Health Project

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