Community | Spotlight July 2022

The Little Diverse Free Library Project

Free Diverse Library Project, Arlington, Maine/Nationwide

Mission: To amplify Black voices through books

Bounce salutes community activists and everyday neighborhood heroes like Arlington’s Sarah Kamya and her quest to amplify Black voices through books.  Kamya, who is a school counselor in New York City and a devoted book aficionado, launched an Instagram initiative called the Little Free Diverse Library Project.

Through her efforts, She has raised over $9,000.00 in just 11 days and purchased over 300 books from Black-owned bookstores, written by Black authors, and received about 250 through Amazon Wish List, to disperse to Little Free Libraries around Arlington and beyond.

She’s now sending books to friends, and even strangers, in other communities to fill little libraries in their own communities. Eva Chen, the head of fashion at Instagram, encouraged Kamya to create a Wish List account. She then shared Kamya’s idea to her 1.4 million followers, and the results multiplied exponentially from there.

“What started out as a little mission,” Kamya wrote on Instagram, “turned into something much bigger.”

She’s amazed at how much traction the idea has gained in such a short period of time, and she’s hoping to keep expanding and spreading the initiative.

To learn more about the project, follow @littlefreediverselibraries on Instagram. Kamya is also raising money via Venmo to support Black-owned bookstores around the country. She has also added an Amazon Wishlist through which you can purchase and send books directly.

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