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Now You Can Train Virtually with Pro Basketball Players

By Cortney Gilbert
Sep 03, 2020
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We live in a world where virtual workouts and classes are the new normal. And former NBA pro Kenny “The Jet” Smith took the game to a new level when he created So get ready to work up a sweat, because Kenny has three things you need to know about his Jet Academy.

How it Works


First, here’s how it all works. “We become your personal trainer for an hour and a half a day,” explains Kenny. For $90 a week, you get five live, daily sessions with a pro basketball player – no hoop required! All you need is an internet connection, digital device, and a basketball. “You get to work side-by-side and it works on any device anywhere,” adds the Emmy-winning sports commentator. “You get to see guys from different angles, and our ladies from different angles. You get to ask questions live!” And unlike typical summer camps, this one runs year-round.

The Pros


Next, you get to choose a pro from Jet Academy’s roster – like WNBA mega star Brittney Griner, or NBA up-and-comer Trae Young. “[Trae’s] the new Steph Curry,” insists Kenny. “He’s going to show you his shooting routine – like his personal shooting routine!” Breanna Stewart, Kemba Walker and Victor Oladipo are instructors also.

And if shooting hoops isn’t your thing, the Jet Academy may expand to other sports soon. “Football is another sport you could really do this in, because a lot of football is physical training,” shares Kenny. “So our next thing would be football [and] moving into other sports.”

One-on-One Coaching


The last thing you should know about the Jet Academy is its one-on-one coaching to help you become a better baller. “It’s side-by-side, so when Kemba Walker or Brittney Griner says do this drill, [you’re] watching their footwork; you go do it with them side-by-side,” Kenny describes.

And after the pros conclude their lesson for the day, campers get Q&A time with Kenny and other coaches and go over videos they’ve submitted of themselves performing drills. “We critique your video,” says Kenny. “We tell you what you’re doing right, and we have a lot of fun with it.” Definitely sounds fun to us!

Virtual workout classes are helping people avoid gaining 19 while avoiding COVID-19. And now you’ve got a new high-tech way to train online, thanks to the Jet Academy.

Originally written by Orlando Morales for The List.

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